Mortgage Refinance Calculator 1.01

Mortgage Refinance Calculator 1.01: Mortgage Refinance Calculator Mortgage Refinance Calculator - Instantly compare your current mortgage rate with a new rate (the refinanced rate) to see a complete breakdown of monthly costs, interest payments and overall savings. Factors in property taxes & Private Mortgage Insurance costs if your down payment was small. Perfect for anyone looking to calculate the actual savings and see a clear picture of monthly payments for mortgage refinancing.

Real Life Mortgage Calculator 1.05: A free real-life PHP mortgage calculator for your site
Real Life Mortgage Calculator 1.05

Simple mortgage calculators just do not cut it anymore. Life is just more complex than down payments and interest rates. Real Life Mortgage Calculator is freeware you can add to your site gives your visitors a much better picture of how much house you can afford than a simple mortgage calculator. It calculates upfront costs, estimates utility costs, and tells you how much you`ll be paying every year in interest until the mortgage is paid off.

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Convert your car into a water hybrid 1.0: This E-book will show you how to convert your car into a Hydrogen Hybrid
Convert your car into a water hybrid 1.0

This E-book will show you how to convert your car into a Hydrogen Hybrid to save over 40% on fuel costs! Hydrogen is extracted on demand from nothing but water! Would you like to find out how to run your vehicle on water and stop wasting money on gas? Now you can convert your car to run on water, supplemental to gasoline, to increase your car`s fuel efficiency and reduce your fuel costs significantly.

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Queuing Model Excel 30: Calculate the number of service staff to minimize service and waiting costs.
Queuing Model Excel 30

Calculate the optimum number of customer service staff to minimise your costs. Determine the number of customers waiting, average waiting time, and service staff utilization. Review the impact of changes in service point numbers on total costs. The model considers customer arrival and service rates, the cost of service staff, and the loss of profit contribution due customer waiting time (dissatisfaction).

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Medinsure Magic 4.11

A systematic way to keep a record of your family medical costs, medical history, and to ensure that your insurance claims have been paid. The program provides an easy way to record medical visits and costs as they occur, and to calculate and display information that enables you to effectively manage your medical insurance program.

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Real Estate Marketing Closing Cost Calc 1.0

Calculate your closing costs on a home or investment property purchase. With the real estate marketing closing cost calculator you can calculate taxes,insurance, escrow accounts, professional fees, mailing and telephone charges, mortgage costs, assumptions, insurance, credits, miscellaneous fees, and more. View a color code pie chart to get a visual representation of your cost breakdown. No more guessing or inaccurate results!

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Car Book Plus 5.1: Car Mileage Book and Car Expenses Book.
Car Book Plus 5.1

CAR BOOK PLUS for Windows . Includes two separate programs: Car Mileage Book and Car Expenses Book. Both programs will help you keep track of all car records (services, maintenance, repairs, insurance and license fees, fuel and oil costs, leasing costs, mileage, and more...). CAR BOOK PLUS well suited for both personal and business car use.

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